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July 5, 2010
  1. I have this reading course “Advanced Random Graph Theory” with Nick for which I have to read and solve exercises, and the topics are foreign to me (though fortunately I have the necessary background to read them properly).
  2. I am TA for the course “Linear Optimization” for which I have to grade many assignments weekly, which takes a great amount of time, and I hate grading.
  3. For my research, I am working on various problems about the Cops and Robbers game. The first problem is, what is the cop number of d-regular random graphs? As this has (almost) been resolved for G(n,p), this problem is likely to be solved. The second problem is, what can we say about the game when the robber is faster than the cops? This paper inspired me to think about this problem. And I settled new lower bounds for the maximum cop number of an n-vertex graph when the speed of robber is between 2 and 6. (Hoorray, I am going to publish it!)
  4. I am trying to gain knowledge about various topics which I might like to pursue in my PhD. I am looking for topics which are somewhat more applied than what I am currently doing but abstract enough for me to enjoy! Examples include bioinformatics, multi-agent systems and social networks. I have to talk with friends and read random papers.
  5. I am reading the book A Mathematician’s Apology, by G.H. Hardy. He is a famous mathematician and talks about life and pursuing mathematics as a profession and what should a man do in his life etc. It is a great book and I think will help someone like me who is struggling with himself deciding what to do in life.

Hello world!

January 16, 2010

And I finally started a new weblog! I already have a blog, in which I write about everyday life, and is in Persian. This new blog will be in English (let’s say for practicing writing in English) and its content shall be mostly mathematical and/or academic. I felt that I really want to talk about such topics (perhaps for my own review in the future), and some readers of the old one might be bored reading such material, so I decided to dedicate a whole new blog.

About the name: The meaning is left to the imagination of the reader! Well, I like Graph Theory, and the postfix’s idea came from my friend’s blog.

About me: I got my bachelor’s degree(s) in Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, in August’09. I did a double-major program, in Computer Engineering and Mathematics. I have started a Master’s program in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization, University of Waterloo. According to my homepage, my research interests are:

  • GRAPH THEORY (all branches): I have done research in Flows in Graphs, Graph Homomorphisms and Graph Searching
  • THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE (or any other field with a strong connection with mathematics), for example:
  • Combinatorial Optimization

  • Computational Geometry
  • Applications of Probability in Theoretical Computer Science

  • Computational Complexity

Maybe that’s enough for the first post, so see you later!